On this New Year’s Day the church invites us to begin the new year praying that God would bless us and the whole world through the intercession of Mary. We are invited to ponder in our hearts all the great good that God is doing in our lives and in the world, just as Mary pondered in the heart how the shepherds came to the stable, how the angels appeared to them telling them about the birth of the savior, how they announced “peace on earth to those of goodwill,” and how those poor shepherds went home praising God.

Mary pondered all these things in her heart so she must have been, among other things, a mystic. She teaches us to be people of the heart, people who ponder the Gospel and the mysteries of Christ in our hearts, people who reflect contemplate and meditate on the deeper things, the wisdom of God, the presence of God in our lives, the message of the angels, and Jesus gift of peace.

As we begin 2014, the church invites us to contemplate the coming of Christ in our hearts and all that God is doing for us, just as Mary did and to welcome the angel’s message to the shepherds announcing Peace on earth.solemnity-of-mary-mother-of-god